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Re: SOPA Blackouts: A Quick Post
Because it is lol
So, today is the blackout for some sites like Wikipedia and Reddit (I say Google doesn't count, but they did do something) to inform people and show them the effects of SOPA. While I don't think a day or how some sites are doing is enough, Wikipedia is having a tremendous effect....

...In showing how many idiots there are. They are worried about themselves (doing homework at the last minute and relying on Wikipedia? Suffer, all of you) than what the blackouts are trying to show them or what SOPA will do. Quite sad, how they completely missed the point.

I still have to laugh at how people are crying over Wikipedia being down. I wonder what would happen if Twitter/Facebook and YouTube were also down... It would probably be glorious. Missed opportunity for the lose. Though, I don't want Twitter/Facebook down for a day too much since I wouldn't be able to see the results maybe.

To see what I mean: This twitter collects all the complaints idiots, who can't take a few minutes to read and are calling it soap/sofa (wtf?), are having on Wikipedia being down. And it isn't just students, but teachers too... I'm thinking Wikipedia needs to do a blackout more often, so we can have more hilarious stupidity.

My favorites are: "what's Wikipedia and what's SOAP?"

and "Can someone tell me why wikipedia block off for the day I don't wanna read"

and "omg no wikipedia fuck you for shutting dwn!!!!!! why is it down??? some shitty reason omg who cars"

And... "Everyone seems pissed off about people on their SOFA using the internet. So wikipedia is shut down? i dont get it"

Gotta love it. I can be entertained all day with these tweets.

(For more info on SOPA: This one does a good job.)

I'm loving the effects; it's about time! As I said, it's too bad it's only for a day and places like YT and Google didn't do something more... "drastic". But, it's better than nothing.

Sleeping Beauty - Fanfiction for Green's Birthday
Cripes Romance
Title: Sleeping Beauty
Fandom: Pokémon
Summary: Green, during her birthday, is cursed by the evil witch Leaf and is put into a deep slumber that only her true love's kiss can awaken. But, Leaf is not about to lose to a bunch of fools.
Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or Sleeping Beauty.
Pairings/Characters: Red/Green, PokeSpe! Red/Green, and Remake Red/Green, Leaf as Maleficent with brief mentions of Nanami, Katsura/Blaine, Wataru/Lance, Takeshi/Brock, Shijima/Chuck, Kasumi/Misty and Ookido.
Warnings: Kisses and horrible action and many liberties taken with the original story. Pokemon added the last moment, sorry. orz
Author's Notes: This story still feels incomplete, but I'm done with it. It's long enough!
Due to Green having next to no other names, I gave them my own.
- Malachite: PokeSpe!GReen
- Virid: Remake!Green

Red didn't have enough names either, so:
- Crimson: PokeSpe!Red


Sleeping Beauty Pokemon Crack StyleCollapse )

(no subject)
It sucks when one parent has to (re)enter college and do classes while working. It sucks even more when that parent had a long work schedule and thus has two family members has to help her do her work (aka do her work for her while she looks it over). And this is with only two classes and they're kicking her butt. Her having to do four classes like a regular college student is going be Hell. FML.

In other news, Devil Survivor's final boss is kicking my butt like woah. I had to start playing Cooking Mama to cheer myself up from all the failures. Cooking Mama 3 is pretty fun to boot. I should probably do something more productive with my time, but that has never been my style.

Opening of Psychosodascans~!
Let's Go!
The Pokemon scanlation group consisting of me, kiuolo, and tennouji_nerin has finally open!! Yes, I am shameless promoting this, but I'm really happy to get this open and that Pokemon doujinshi/Pixiv manga finally gets to be shared with all the other fans~ While my position isn't that special, I'm still grateful to both for allowing me on and helping them out. Thank you, Kiuolo and Nerin! <3

Clicking the banner should get send you to the community no problem. While we're doing any Pokemon doujinshi we get via our own money or scanned donations, the community does taken a great liking to RedxGreen/GreenxRed and BL in general. But, if you have anything to share even if it's just a Pixiv manga, don't be afraid to share!

Now only if the other group I'm a part of will get somewhere... But, that's a different story for another time.

Ahh, Woe is Me
Cripes Romance
College restarts today and I really don't want to head back. I like sleeping in and doing nothing... Sigh.

My schedule sucks too, I pretty much screwed myself over.

Mon/Wed/Friday: Biology II at 10-10:50 am; Anatomy and Physiology I at 11-11:50am
Wednesdays only: Biology II lab at 2-4:50pm
Monday and Wednesdays: Anatomy and Physiology I lab at 12-1:20pm (means no "lunch" *sobs*)

Tues/Thursday: Psychology of Personality at 9:30-10:45am
Tuesdays only: Intro to Computers (class) at 7-8:50pm
Thursdays only: Intro to Computers (lab) at same time as above

And last, one internet class: Developmental Psych

Total: 17 credits

I don't know if I can make it with all these classes. I actually might have to drop one if things get too tough (and I already plan on Anatomy and Physiology I since that seems like a pain in the ass, frankly). And I really hate that I have to get up early AGAIN. Ugggghhhhh. This college needs more variety in their times.

Happy Shut the Fuck Up!
Cripes Romance
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Nothing too fancy this time around. I'll post the few sorta presents I got in a moment.


Close ups under the cutCollapse )

Japanese Manga volumes:

Junjo Romantica v7-9
Beezlebub v1
Pocket Monsters Special v16-17, 21-23, 25, 30
Pocket Monsters HGSS v1
Princess Resurrection v8
Konjiki no Gash Bell v2, 6-7, 18, 21-22

English Manga volumes:

xxxHolic v16
Moyashimon v2
Tsubaba Chronicle v26
Ranma 1/2 v25

I wanted to get Mushishi in Japanese, but I couldn't find it after I knew I saw it once when I was looking for Koisuru Boukun. Which Kinokuniya didn't have (in Japanese) despite it being released in English, I was sad. I really had a tough time figuring out which manga to over the others, I have a huge list of (the ones I remember) manga I want...

Instead of college, let's talk Pokemon.
Because it is lol
The anons on the Pokemon Kink Meme are amazing in the discussion section. And a perfect example of what happens you think very much against what many like/love. So easy to tease and watch the dominoes fall.

So, Pokemon Black and White has came out in Japan and I'm just waiting to play it. I'll pretty much bitch at many things since I've been watching some of the spoilers on Serebii and found out the least liked rival turns to be Champion... Not too happy about it.

Also, I don't like most of the new pokemon, but dang there's a lot more than I expected. Though, many are just evolutions in the family lines.

The soundtrack is awful; I don't know how it got a perfect score. Only about 5 tracks of what I heard so far are actually not bad or good. With N's two themes being the best so far; even more so that that Kantou Champion remix that's in the beta data.

Overall, I see B&W not that overwhelming, but I gotta see how bad or good it really is. And besides, I DO like N and want to see what happens with him...

Updates on Life
Cripes Romance
So... meant to do this earlier, but kept forgetting and getting distracted. To start off with where I'm at, I'm at the city of Las Vegas for vacation as of the 24th. And man, was it a journey! First, our first plane was delayed by a little more than an hour and it got pretty boring waiting. Then, when we landed in Chicago, we had to wait until a gate "opened". Which took like about 5-10 minutes. The Chicago airport wait wasn't too bad, I had pizza. Luckily, we weren't next to last in boarding like for our first flight, so my mom and I got seats behind each other. But, dude... That flight was a killer; waaaaay too long. And it was only 3-4 hours! Gooood, the returning flight which is six hours non-stop will have me knocked out with blood running down my forehead after I bashed myself into unconsciousness. They need to make airplanes with more room, being cramped up sucks.

So, we landed in Vegas... and our bags didn't appear at baggage claim like it was supposed to. It seems it appeared before we got into Vegas... for some odd reason. I guess the delay? Even then, the bags should have been delayed too, so how did they get to Vegas before us? We got some magical bags, yo. xD

Right now I'm staying at Paris, whose rooms aren't too bad. But, finding food was. My mother didn't know what she wanted and so we walked what felt like miles on the strip to find food. I was thinking of steak (the tender kind thanks to braces), but she didn't really want that and I didn't want to get separate things if she wanted something that was in a restaurant. Turns out she got a foot long hot dog, so I got Subway and some Cinnabon minis. The Cinnabon was damn good, but that's was probably because they were small. We also had to walk to get some water and by the end of I was ready to chop off my feet. My feet are terrible, so I can't walk long distances or stand on them for too long before they hurt like a bitch.

Man, our first night was eventful in a way. XD

As for my braces... Grr, I say! It's such a pain to not be able to use my front teeth to bite into things since most of is eaten and I like require that. I have rip most of my food into small bite size pieces and then I can't eat or drink some things. Nothing crunchy like toast (though I do it anyways, I just don't eat a lot of it and use saliva to make it a bit soggy), no soda or anything sweet or sugary (being summer, no ice cream ;o;). Well, I can eat snacks or drink soda, but I have to brush right after, so I generally avoid it unless I'm at home. Brushing my teeth three times a day is becoming a habit as well as flossing so I don't have too much complaints about it now.

I got a camera so I'll be taking pictures. Maybe I'll post up here if I remember... I don't plan to do much but play games and see animals as well as catch up on things I'm behind on. We're only here for 2 more days; not a long vacation at all~

That's it for now. I'll try to update more later.

EDIT: Late, but I went to the Lion Habitat in one of the casinos and took a bunch of pictures of the two lioness.
And some videos, all of which are on my Photobucket.

Next, I headed to the arcade on the second day. It was HUGE; definitely one of the biggest arcades I ever seen. It took a while to find it as it was underground and like no obvious sign to signal it. I easily spend a couple hundred dollars on the games; mostly the ones that gave tickets. The ones that don't were much my type and all the fighting games were Street Fighter and old, so I wasn't interested too much. So, I collected over a thousand tickets only to find... that there were no good pizes. Seriously. None whatsoever. All of them were crappy little kid toys like "My Little Pony" and some toy car. The biggest costing ticket was a guitar alarm clock of all things! I was so disappointed and a bit pissed! I wouldn't not wasted my time with spending so much money.

The third day, after trying to find out where it was, I went to a Pinball machine warehouse. It was pretty awesome with the machines they had as they both old and new! They even had Atari games and many more old ones like the first Mario game. In the background, a few weren't working though. It was a bit worth it, taking a bus and walking all the way down there as it was off the strip. Too bad I didn't get Jack in the Box. D:

Each day was mostly filled with those two trips and I pretty much passed out soon after I got back to the hotel room. I took pictures of the pinball machines and they're also on my Photobucket. Enjoy!

Just a small update on Life
Cripes Romance
Yosh. After weeks of having these dang separators and getting rings glued in, it ends and begins tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'm getting my braces on, so more sore teeth for me! One of my separators came out Friday, which actually stop all the aching I got when chewing things allowing me to eat non-soft foods! One separators caused soreness in two areas on both sides... Nonetheless,I was happy, but now sad since getting my braces is going to limit me again (along with sore teeth, I bet), but I'll find a way to get around it. Checking my teeth again, where the separators was seem to be closing again meaning they could delay the braces and more weeks for separators and sore teeth. I really freaking hope not... I got used to the rings pretty quickly and they barely bother me anymore.

Just a few more hours as my appointment is in the morning... I'm a bit nervous and a bit relieved that I can finally start getting it over with.

Other than that, started playing Kichiku Megane and it's pretty good when it isn't going on and on with the talking, hahaha. Also, been watching a Let's Play of one of my favorites RPGs, Tales of Symphonia from Something Awful. Nothing much else... I have a boring life. XD

Oh! Gaki no Tsukai's No Laughing is one of the best comedy I've seen despite it having lots of Japanese puns. Here's the Hospital batsu game with subs: Click!

Personal Life Nonsense
Cripes Romance
Ahhh... It's been a while since I posted here! That isn't from Twitter, at least, ohohohoho! Last week and yesterday was all finals for me, with the hardest ones being first and last. The easiest one was definitely Theatre, though I got an 85 out of 95. Most of the English final didn't feel too hard, though like a total idiot I left one of the books I could use at HOME due to rushing, but I got around it some. I hope I did well...

History and Sociology were annoying though. Simply because History is a lecture class and the teacher always gives a test that's harder than usual due to the amount he covers before he tests us. The final being an accumulation of the whole semester is something I probably wouldn't ever be prepared for. Sociology is annoying as the class pissed me off more often then not (not the teacher, she's actually pretty cool), so I was usually zoning out or writing a fanfic. And I got a 90 on my research paper... /le sigh I'm just glad I'm DONE.

I already got my schedule the fall semester, but, of course, I'm not going during summer!

Fall semester schedule:Collapse )

Then, today, I got four out of eight of my teeth pulled out. It doesn't really hurt, just feels weird, but it could be because I am taking pain medicine. The worst of it was when my mouth was all numb and it felt like a balloon. XD It sucks not being able to really eat non-solids like soup. I'm still hungry... In a few weeks, I'll be finally getting braces something I'm kinda dreading since I have limit what I eat once again. But, right now, overall, it isn't that bad; I just can't wait to eat again.

Other than that, I'm still playing games rather than watching anime. Since now I can't eat in my room due to bugs. I hate summer. So, my lack of interest in anime watching at the moment is due to that and the fact my gaming interest is at its peak. I'm almost done with Hidamari Sketch, too! I just got to find out what to finish next...

Hmm, I'm suddenly in the mood to play YS IV... No! I got to finish my touchable games first! And get started on those fanfics that are waiting... I did finish PW T&T and am on Apollo Justice with the Edgeworth game waiting for me. I also playing Persona on PSP and FE9 again thanks to a sudden urge.

Will I ever catch up, I wonder?


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