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Manga/Doujinshi Sale
Bro Fist
Due to some recent bout of bad luck, I've decided to sell some things I don't want anymore. Some items will also be on eBay at a slightly higher cost.

My feedback for LJ is here and eBay feedback is here.

Prices are negotiable as long as they are fair.
Payment by Paypal only; Paypal fees not included.
All sales are final and if you want insurance/tracking/specific shipping method, let me know.
Shipping to the US primarily, but I may do international.
I am not responsible if you lose a package if you chose no insurance/tracking!
Prices do not include shipping.
I tend to ship on Saturdays, so please allow at least 7 days for an item to be shipped out.
I will hold an item for 48 hours.
Payment is expected within 72 hours before item is open to the next buyer.

Junjou Romantica 7-9 (Japanese) New $13 Individually $5 (JPN)

D.Gray-Man 1-7 Japanese (Like New) $4 each; Together $16

Megaman: NT Warrior 1, 6, 9, 11 (Used) 6 + 9 are a bit damaged, so they're $2 each; 1 + 11 $5 each; Together $10

Whistle! 6 English (Like New) $4
Zatch Bell 1 English (Like New) $4
Dragon Eye 8 English (Like New) $5
Pathos 1 BL/Yaoi (18+) English $5

Hikaru no Go 1 & 2 English (Like New) $3 each; Together $5
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei 3 English (Like New) $6

Black Knight 1 English BL (Like New) $3
Chun Rhang Yhur Jhun 1 English (Like New) $3

Pokemon BL: GSS ver. Yellow, Shigeru x Satoshi (Ash x Gary) Anthology PG to PG-13 (85 with bits of novel; Like New) $13 *SOLD*
Bleach BL: Sekai no Owari ni Miru Yume wa, Gin x Hitsugaya/Aizen + Hitsugaya R-18 (82 pages; Used) $15 *SOLD*
Prince of Tennis BL: Piece of Love, Otori x Shishido PG (30 pages; Like New) $9
Golden Moon, Silver Sun 2 Tuti x Nagayan R-16 (99 pages 1/3 doujinshi, 2/3 novel; Like New) $11

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Alrighty. Would like Media Mail or Flat Rate? :3 (What a lucky sister. xD) I don't blame you for not choosing international; so expensive. x_x
Sure thing! Just let me know which method above and I'll send one. =)

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