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Weird Collector Cat

Collecting Treasure in the Dark

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Manga/Doujinshi Sale
Bro Fist
Due to some recent bout of bad luck, I've decided to sell some things I don't want anymore. Some items will also be on eBay at a slightly higher cost.

My feedback for LJ is here and eBay feedback is here.

Prices are negotiable as long as they are fair.
Payment by Paypal only; Paypal fees not included.
All sales are final and if you want insurance/tracking/specific shipping method, let me know.
Shipping to the US primarily, but I may do international.
I am not responsible if you lose a package if you chose no insurance/tracking!
Prices do not include shipping.
I tend to ship on Saturdays, so please allow at least 7 days for an item to be shipped out.
I will hold an item for 48 hours.
Payment is expected within 72 hours before item is open to the next buyer.

Junjou Romantica 7-9 (Japanese) New $13 Individually $5 (JPN)

D.Gray-Man 1-7 Japanese (Like New) $4 each; Together $16

Megaman: NT Warrior 1, 6, 9, 11 (Used) 6 + 9 are a bit damaged, so they're $2 each; 1 + 11 $5 each; Together $10

Whistle! 6 English (Like New) $4
Zatch Bell 1 English (Like New) $4
Dragon Eye 8 English (Like New) $5
Pathos 1 BL/Yaoi (18+) English $5

Hikaru no Go 1 & 2 English (Like New) $3 each; Together $5
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei 3 English (Like New) $6

Black Knight 1 English BL (Like New) $3
Chun Rhang Yhur Jhun 1 English (Like New) $3

Pokemon BL: GSS ver. Yellow, Shigeru x Satoshi (Ash x Gary) Anthology PG to PG-13 (85 with bits of novel; Like New) $13 *SOLD*
Bleach BL: Sekai no Owari ni Miru Yume wa, Gin x Hitsugaya/Aizen + Hitsugaya R-18 (82 pages; Used) $15 *SOLD*
Prince of Tennis BL: Piece of Love, Otori x Shishido PG (30 pages; Like New) $9
Golden Moon, Silver Sun 2 Tuti x Nagayan R-16 (99 pages 1/3 doujinshi, 2/3 novel; Like New) $11

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I'd like the Prince of tennis manga set, this is $26 for all 31, right?
Shipping to the Netherlands

If International isn't possible, can you send them to a american address of a friend of mine ?

$26 before shipping is correct. And I can ship to the Netherlands, but the shipping will be much higher. I'll figure out the quote for you! Do you wish for insurance/tracking?

I thought so, How much will it be with shipping inside (to Wisconsin) and outside US with tracking?

I'll have the full quote for you tomorrow (31th). Sorry that I have to keep you waiting. orz

Okay, I managed to figure out the quote. It seems the weight of all the books will be ~12 pounds if my math is correct. It'll be $50 shipping to the Netherlands unregistered and $60 registered. o.o

Shipping inside the US is $10 via Media Mail with insurance. $15 for Flat Rate.

Edited at 2012-05-31 03:01 am (UTC)

I'll send you the postal adress by a personal message when i get home, it will be shipped insured within the US :) (it will be a birthdaypresent for my American sister )
the shipping for international is 'a bit' too much for me.
can you send me a invoice on angelique_sonderen@hotmail.com ?

Alrighty. Would like Media Mail or Flat Rate? :3 (What a lucky sister. xD) I don't blame you for not choosing international; so expensive. x_x
Sure thing! Just let me know which method above and I'll send one. =)

I should let you know:
Media Mail is cheaper, but slower. It's the last to be shipped.
Flat Rate is a bit more expensive, but quicker.
Just in case you didn't know. xD

I'm interested in Golden Moon, Silver Sun 2-is it in English or Japanese?? Shipping would be to Louisiana. thanks!

It's in Japanese, I'm afraid. There are translations on the community, but you have to ask for them since all the links are old. But it'll be only $4 via Media Mail.

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