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Re: SOPA Blackouts: A Quick Post
Because it is lol
So, today is the blackout for some sites like Wikipedia and Reddit (I say Google doesn't count, but they did do something) to inform people and show them the effects of SOPA. While I don't think a day or how some sites are doing is enough, Wikipedia is having a tremendous effect....

...In showing how many idiots there are. They are worried about themselves (doing homework at the last minute and relying on Wikipedia? Suffer, all of you) than what the blackouts are trying to show them or what SOPA will do. Quite sad, how they completely missed the point.

I still have to laugh at how people are crying over Wikipedia being down. I wonder what would happen if Twitter/Facebook and YouTube were also down... It would probably be glorious. Missed opportunity for the lose. Though, I don't want Twitter/Facebook down for a day too much since I wouldn't be able to see the results maybe.

To see what I mean: This twitter collects all the complaints idiots, who can't take a few minutes to read and are calling it soap/sofa (wtf?), are having on Wikipedia being down. And it isn't just students, but teachers too... I'm thinking Wikipedia needs to do a blackout more often, so we can have more hilarious stupidity.

My favorites are: "what's Wikipedia and what's SOAP?"

and "Can someone tell me why wikipedia block off for the day I don't wanna read"

and "omg no wikipedia fuck you for shutting dwn!!!!!! why is it down??? some shitty reason omg who cars"

And... "Everyone seems pissed off about people on their SOFA using the internet. So wikipedia is shut down? i dont get it"

Gotta love it. I can be entertained all day with these tweets.

(For more info on SOPA: This one does a good job.)

I'm loving the effects; it's about time! As I said, it's too bad it's only for a day and places like YT and Google didn't do something more... "drastic". But, it's better than nothing.


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