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Weird Collector Cat

Collecting Treasure in the Dark

[sticky post]Feedback Thread
Cripes Romance
Please leave any feedback from people that I buy from/sell to here! Don't be afraid to be brutally honest, haha.

Positive: 6
Negative: 0
Neutral: 0

Why You Do This?
Thank you Photobucket for killing everyone's images with your greed.

$39.99/month just to host 3rd party?

Yeah, no.

Well, if there's one good thing it got me making an entry? lol See you in another 4 years when imgur breaks!

October Loot!
Silly Times
So, with only three days left in October, I got my October loot! Only one more month to go before I'm done spending for the rest of the year, yay~

Large picture heavy and wordy. And videos, yay baby!Collapse )

Manga/Doujinshi Sale
Bro Fist
Due to some recent bout of bad luck, I've decided to sell some things I don't want anymore. Some items will also be on eBay at a slightly higher cost.

My feedback for LJ is here and eBay feedback is here.

Prices are negotiable as long as they are fair.
Payment by Paypal only; Paypal fees not included.
All sales are final and if you want insurance/tracking/specific shipping method, let me know.
Shipping to the US primarily, but I may do international.
I am not responsible if you lose a package if you chose no insurance/tracking!
Prices do not include shipping.
I tend to ship on Saturdays, so please allow at least 7 days for an item to be shipped out.
I will hold an item for 48 hours.
Payment is expected within 72 hours before item is open to the next buyer.

Manga Goods!Collapse )

Doujinshi Goods!Collapse )

It's not a good day when you realized your hair stylist f*cked up your haircut and now you have to wait months for the hair to grow back.

There's an irony of this situation. Just before my turn, she was talking to another person about haircuts and said something like, "People don't need to get all huffy with haircuts. Hair grows back, after all." Naturally, after such a statement, my haircut was destined to be perfect!

...Not. I wouldn't mind too much if I actually had hair, so I could fix it. But, she literally chopped off just about all my hair that I grew, so there's barely anything left! It does honestly looks exactly like a bad haircut would look like if the cutter had no idea what they where doing. (Or a "skinhead" as my Mother calls me.) And to make it worse, she didn't even do it right! One half is slightly shorter than the other. First world problems all up in this beeeeep!

(No picture. Why? Because.)

I should of brought the picture for the haircut instead of relying on her memory. After months of her not cutting, it's obvious she would have no idea what the haircut looked like anymore. Not to mention I should of recognized the hint from before that she was forgetting what it looked like when it didn't look right. *sigh* I definitely bringing the picture next week and demanding a free haircut or something. I've been waiting forever to have my haircut back not to only to get what I got. She better not say it looks the same or I'll be mad. No tip for you for a few weeks, stylist.

I am pretty disappointed and upset in my hairstylist. Thank goodness it's summer, no one to see my haircut but my parents and my hat.

A buyer's rambles
I'm quite worried now. FromJapan says they got my payment for the plushies, but it looks like the CC hasn't been charged yet. And it's been almost 5 days since I "paid" for it. I wonder if they forgot or if they'll going to wait until the charge 2. They haven't mentioned anything yet. I'm just hoping I get my plushies regardless since I chose the cheapest shipping.

Other than that...

Alter's Panty figure has been delayed until June! D:< I was hoping June would be a free month of no paying and just collect money for the back-to-back payments I would have to do in July-September.

Anime-Island still hasn't listed Alter's Stocking yet. (Wtf, yooo?)

And I went ahead and got this beautiful figure for $132. The shipping was pretty cheap being only 1690 yen! SAL Small Packet registered > EMS anytime! I'm hoping to get it after I get back~

Order Woes [UPDATED]
So, I had ordered my mother's present for Mother's Day at ProFlowers Sunday. If there's one thing I can't say is that their customer service is horrible. Maybe not so good, but not horrible. They're on the lookout for their customers when it comes to holidays, at least.

They just changed my order to the exact date my mother won't be at work since we're going on vacation because the date I had chosen was after Mother's Day. Thanks?

That's nice of them, but... I didn't make a mistake with the due date, ProFlowers. I'm worried now since they sent that email before noon and I only just saw it (it's 4:30pm here). It might of been shipped already and I really hope not.

I'll have to wait and see... and hope that they don't mess up. This order is 68 bucks!

Dear ProFlowers,

Next time, how about asking me if I would like to change the date in case I don't? That way, you don't somehow screw up my plans.


A customer.

And I wish Anime-Island would hurry up and list the price for Alter's Stocking figure! And for Panty to come out! I need to penny pinch before I lose another figure! *chews fingernails*

EDIT: As it turns out, yes, the order was getting processed to ship and has been shipped today. I'll revise my previous statements about their customer service. Their email side is HORRIBLE. It's one of those that basically tell you what you already know and address nothing of what you have said in regards to the issue. Just freaking terrible. Heck, the person that replied to me couldn't even get the email right. It was all messed up, lol.

So, I had to get my father to call for me and tell them they f*cked up and they have to fix it. Apparently, the guy had to reorder the gift set since the previous order couldn't be modified. I'll only get charged once, so that's all okay with me. The on the phone customer service was much better. So, if you have an issue with ProFlowers, call, don't email.

The funny thing is is that even the customer service guy was surprised they didn't email me asking if my chosen date was correct or not since that's what they supposed to do. That'll teach them to change things without permission. XP Sadly, Mother's surprise will probably be ruined by her coworkers calling her about it or the mistake set being there when she gets back. I'm hoping for the latter since at least it'll still be a surprise in a way. She'll just have two!

Super Sonico Bondage Ver. Figure Show-off + Anime-Island Review
This is super late. I actually got my figurine two days after my previous post which is really quick for regular shipping!

So, what I have I stopped collectingbuying doujinshi for? Well, Disney plushies would be the correct answer. But, let's just say it's figurines. xD

Warning: slightly NSFW and picture heavy. Not much, but just enough for a warning.

Super Sonico Bondage Ver. Figure ReviewCollapse )

Good news on a gloomy day
Today is quite gloomy in the sense it has been raining almost all day on and off. Despite that, it isn't dark out, but quite light for a cloudy day. Not my type of a perfect day.

But, I just learned that the figure I've been wanting since the beginning of the year is actually out and has been shipped! I'm quite surprised since the site said the figure wouldn't be out until May when my other figure is supposed to be out as well. The fact I'm getting this one earlier stare at it a lot longer. xD And this site was a new one I was trying out, so they're doing good so far.

I'll take some pictures, but I don't usually take them out of their boxes, so there won't be a lot. For this one, I wish I could... Maybe I'll post a mini-review about the site I used.

Fandom Troubles - The Most Saddest of Troubles
Cripes Romance
To all doujinshi collecters/buyers out there who can't read Japanese, don't you just hate when you buy a doujinshi, a random buy based on a good cover, only to find it's more novel than art? I know I do. Almost makes me want to learn Japanese, so my money doesn't go to waste. Almost.

The last of my doujinshi for a long while came in today and two of them had more novel than art and the art was twice as interesting. I wish I could say that this is a lesson in not buying randomly and stick to my liked artists, but one of the doujinshi was by my liked artist. Just can't win with my terrible luck.

I do have unwanted Pokemon doujinshi that I've been thinking of selling, but I would probably have more luck learning to read them then selling them. I should get started... I'm just lazy and personally want to start writing this fic rolling around my head first. Actually accomplish something for once. Japanese learning is too tough; I gotta use baby steps and all.

Oh well. Back to watching LPs anime instead of being productive. Or rereading Pokemon Special. Or typing up that review of the proxy/middleman I use to buy my doujinshi with. Which ever comes first.