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It's not a good day when you realized your hair stylist f*cked up your haircut and now you have to wait months for the hair to grow back.

There's an irony of this situation. Just before my turn, she was talking to another person about haircuts and said something like, "People don't need to get all huffy with haircuts. Hair grows back, after all." Naturally, after such a statement, my haircut was destined to be perfect!

...Not. I wouldn't mind too much if I actually had hair, so I could fix it. But, she literally chopped off just about all my hair that I grew, so there's barely anything left! It does honestly looks exactly like a bad haircut would look like if the cutter had no idea what they where doing. (Or a "skinhead" as my Mother calls me.) And to make it worse, she didn't even do it right! One half is slightly shorter than the other. First world problems all up in this beeeeep!

(No picture. Why? Because.)

I should of brought the picture for the haircut instead of relying on her memory. After months of her not cutting, it's obvious she would have no idea what the haircut looked like anymore. Not to mention I should of recognized the hint from before that she was forgetting what it looked like when it didn't look right. *sigh* I definitely bringing the picture next week and demanding a free haircut or something. I've been waiting forever to have my haircut back not to only to get what I got. She better not say it looks the same or I'll be mad. No tip for you for a few weeks, stylist.

I am pretty disappointed and upset in my hairstylist. Thank goodness it's summer, no one to see my haircut but my parents and my hat.


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