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A buyer's rambles
I'm quite worried now. FromJapan says they got my payment for the plushies, but it looks like the CC hasn't been charged yet. And it's been almost 5 days since I "paid" for it. I wonder if they forgot or if they'll going to wait until the charge 2. They haven't mentioned anything yet. I'm just hoping I get my plushies regardless since I chose the cheapest shipping.

Other than that...

Alter's Panty figure has been delayed until June! D:< I was hoping June would be a free month of no paying and just collect money for the back-to-back payments I would have to do in July-September.

Anime-Island still hasn't listed Alter's Stocking yet. (Wtf, yooo?)

And I went ahead and got this beautiful figure for $132. The shipping was pretty cheap being only 1690 yen! SAL Small Packet registered > EMS anytime! I'm hoping to get it after I get back~


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