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Order Woes [UPDATED]
So, I had ordered my mother's present for Mother's Day at ProFlowers Sunday. If there's one thing I can't say is that their customer service is horrible. Maybe not so good, but not horrible. They're on the lookout for their customers when it comes to holidays, at least.

They just changed my order to the exact date my mother won't be at work since we're going on vacation because the date I had chosen was after Mother's Day. Thanks?

That's nice of them, but... I didn't make a mistake with the due date, ProFlowers. I'm worried now since they sent that email before noon and I only just saw it (it's 4:30pm here). It might of been shipped already and I really hope not.

I'll have to wait and see... and hope that they don't mess up. This order is 68 bucks!

Dear ProFlowers,

Next time, how about asking me if I would like to change the date in case I don't? That way, you don't somehow screw up my plans.


A customer.

And I wish Anime-Island would hurry up and list the price for Alter's Stocking figure! And for Panty to come out! I need to penny pinch before I lose another figure! *chews fingernails*

EDIT: As it turns out, yes, the order was getting processed to ship and has been shipped today. I'll revise my previous statements about their customer service. Their email side is HORRIBLE. It's one of those that basically tell you what you already know and address nothing of what you have said in regards to the issue. Just freaking terrible. Heck, the person that replied to me couldn't even get the email right. It was all messed up, lol.

So, I had to get my father to call for me and tell them they f*cked up and they have to fix it. Apparently, the guy had to reorder the gift set since the previous order couldn't be modified. I'll only get charged once, so that's all okay with me. The on the phone customer service was much better. So, if you have an issue with ProFlowers, call, don't email.

The funny thing is is that even the customer service guy was surprised they didn't email me asking if my chosen date was correct or not since that's what they supposed to do. That'll teach them to change things without permission. XP Sadly, Mother's surprise will probably be ruined by her coworkers calling her about it or the mistake set being there when she gets back. I'm hoping for the latter since at least it'll still be a surprise in a way. She'll just have two!


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