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Good news on a gloomy day
Today is quite gloomy in the sense it has been raining almost all day on and off. Despite that, it isn't dark out, but quite light for a cloudy day. Not my type of a perfect day.

But, I just learned that the figure I've been wanting since the beginning of the year is actually out and has been shipped! I'm quite surprised since the site said the figure wouldn't be out until May when my other figure is supposed to be out as well. The fact I'm getting this one earlier stare at it a lot longer. xD And this site was a new one I was trying out, so they're doing good so far.

I'll take some pictures, but I don't usually take them out of their boxes, so there won't be a lot. For this one, I wish I could... Maybe I'll post a mini-review about the site I used.


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