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Fandom Troubles - The Most Saddest of Troubles
Cripes Romance
To all doujinshi collecters/buyers out there who can't read Japanese, don't you just hate when you buy a doujinshi, a random buy based on a good cover, only to find it's more novel than art? I know I do. Almost makes me want to learn Japanese, so my money doesn't go to waste. Almost.

The last of my doujinshi for a long while came in today and two of them had more novel than art and the art was twice as interesting. I wish I could say that this is a lesson in not buying randomly and stick to my liked artists, but one of the doujinshi was by my liked artist. Just can't win with my terrible luck.

I do have unwanted Pokemon doujinshi that I've been thinking of selling, but I would probably have more luck learning to read them then selling them. I should get started... I'm just lazy and personally want to start writing this fic rolling around my head first. Actually accomplish something for once. Japanese learning is too tough; I gotta use baby steps and all.

Oh well. Back to watching LPs anime instead of being productive. Or rereading Pokemon Special. Or typing up that review of the proxy/middleman I use to buy my doujinshi with. Which ever comes first.

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Aw, I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles with your doujinshi. )= But actually, I think I know a way that can help! When you're purchasing doujinshi, look for the kanji '小説' in the title or description. Together, those kanji mean 'novel,' and I've noticed people are usually pretty good about accurately labeling their doujinshi as such on YHJ. Though I certainly feel your pain, let me tell you. I've bought doujinshi that were mostly novel before, and it made me very sad. So remember! If the description says something like "レグリ小説," don't buy it!

Why aren't you going to be buying anymore doujinshi for a while? =o I don't want to be nosy, it's just that as a doujinshi addict it's hard for me to imagine anyone having the willpower to stop. Haha.

Also, don't worry so much about learning Japanese! It's a hard language, but if you keep up with it you can do it! If I didn't have to attend classes twice a week I know I'd have a harder time, and not even because I wouldn't have a teacher instructing me! The classes make sure I keep moving forward and trying. I'm a known procrastinator, and the fact that my classes don't allow me to be helps more than I can articulate. So if you just keep up with it, you can do it! *waves pompoms*

I must admit I'm surprised to see you. xD But, I'm also glad to see ya~ :3 And thanks for the info! I never knew that (which undoubtedly proves my noobness with YHJ xDD), but I'll definitely remember that. I just checked one of the djs I got and it seems that they didn't use '小説' and it was half novel. D: Cursed seller! >3< Nonetheless, it's another tool in my arsenal. xD May I ask what did you do with novel dj? Are you saving it for the one day you can read Japanese?

I don't mind, ask away! It's mostly because I don't feel too satisfied with the ones I'm buying. They don't feel like they're worth all the money I'm pouring into them. I think it's also has to do with the dollar being low (it was 76ish when I was last buying them). The RedxGreen dj I wanted I lost it 3 times. orz Once it was going for more than 40-50$! It really kills my drive. >.< Though the strength seems to be returning in terms of yen! I've been spoiled by you and Nerin. o3o I hope that makes sense.

Thanks! <3 And I can definitely understand what you mean. I've been thinking of using TextFugu and Koichi's lessons (His site) since he helps give beginners a start with what to do. I need a push that isn't as boring as Rosetta Stone. He has very interesting articles to boot. But, the fact I have no pressure means I do procrastinate, so I'm the same as you. xD Classes suck, but helps us procrastinators!

Ack. I'm really, really sorry it took so long to reply to this!! I got extremely sick this week, but I've been feeling better lately and decided to get around to replying to stuff.

Anyway, you have been a good friend and, well, I don't want to stay mad forever. =) Plus, I figured that since I had information that might be able to help you, I should speak up. I guess the doujinshi that didn't use 小説 in the description probably figured that didn't need to since it was half novel. That stinks. o.O Usually, though, they're pretty good about labeling it.

So far, I've just kept the doujinshi I've bought that turned out to be part novel. ^^ It helps that I've loved all of the doujinshi. Like, this one! This one! It's this kick-butt story about gakuen!Sasuke and Naruto, and Sasuke is a demon slayer with a sword/the student council president and Naruto turns out to be a demon at the end. It was all sorts of amazing. Only, most of it was novel. =3= Only the beginning and climax were manga. It made me sad. I'm holding out the hope that one day I'll be able to read the story part, because I want to so badly. *le sob*

Oh, I see! Well, that's understandable! I've also been trying to hold back on buying too much doujinshi, because it's so expensive and I want to go to Yaoi-con. T^T I've been pretty good at holding out, surprisingly. So far I've only recently bought doujinshi from my favorite artist in the entire world (must... complete... collection...) and a doujinshi about Naruto as a tomato fairy. xDDDD I COULD NOT RESIST AHHHHHHHH. He actually does the "You're going to go eat? Do you want [food]? ...Or would you rather have ME?" THING. AND SASUKE'S FACE OH MY GOSH. xDDDDD

So that's it!! Good luck, good luck!! ^^ I'm sure you can do it! Especially since you've found such helpful sites! Maybe if you force yourself to get something done by a certain time like you would in a class, you won't have to worry about procrastinator instincts kicking in!

It's not a problem. Nothing you can do when you're sick except cursing the virus. xDDD Besides, I'm also late so we're even? :3

Thanks and I'm glad! =D Naturally, likewise for you as well, especially since you've forgiven me. ^o^ Well, half novel is being generous... It's 90% novel. orz Besides, it's not excuse to not warn us noobs. -3- It does stink that the seller didn't at least warn for it. I wish they put a picture, at least, to show it's mostly novel! >3> This will definitely make me more wary than I already was. xD

I've also kept mine and what helped was that most of mine are mostly pictures and a bit of novel. This is the first time I gotten mostly novel and a bit of pictures (which was completely adorable when Red squished his Pika and his Pika was all "o_o??"). Hahaha, that doujinshi sounds awesome! Of course Naruto is the demon. xDD Is there high-school rooftop kissing in the end? ;DD Don't give up! I'm in the same boat and I've bought many Japanese things in the hopes of being able to read one day. I'm confident one day we shall conquer the evil Japanese language!

You're doing good for an addict that has quit cold turkey. :3 Giving it a bit is okay since it can be a reward for resisting; more so if it's your favorite artist. xD I used to do the same with my favorite doujinka. x3 A... tomato fairy? THAT SOUNDS IRRESISTIBLE! XD Pics please?! I wanna see a teasing tomato fairy!Naruto looking all cute and delicious! Does he get "eaten"? XDD

Thanks~ x3 I'll try my best... once I can get started. xDD;; Sadly, my procrastinator self is very smart and resilient. I actually have a calendar system to help do things at a certain time (I was using it to get back into writing... yeah, that didn't go so well. =0=) on certain days. It worked for... about a month before my procrastinator self managed to get around it. orz Hopeless, I know. xD

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